Vittorio Mischi
2 Chapel Lane
Plymouth PL8 2JL

07742 013086

Would you flatten a Supercar’s tires before driving it? Would you add 20 tons of ballast to your Sail Yacht before entering a regatta? Playing music from an mp3 player is a performance and fun killer of the same magnitude. Today there is no alibi for bad quality music sources in your sea Haven. They drain life from the experience of your time onboard and stridently contrast with the excellence exuding out of every other detail on your dream Superyacht.

MyYachtMyMusic - the only specialist purveyor of Bespoke, Ultimate Quality Music for Superyachts in the world. Because you deserve to enjoy your own personal “life soundtrack” on board, the only way it should be: simply, at its best. Because Music Matters.

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